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  • Chefs: Put Your Menu Where Your Mouth Is

    Tuesdays at 9pm

    Death in Paradise

    Thursdays at 10pm

    You Can't Get the Staff

    Sundays at 1pm

  • Almost Royal

    Almost Royal

    Season finale Friday, 10pm

    Georgie and Poppy Carlton travel all over the US meeting its citizens and culture.

    Phil Spencer: Secret Agent

    Phil Spencer: Secret Agent

    Sundays at 12pm

    Property expert Phil Spencer helps Brits sell challenging houses.

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    Doctor Who: The Daleks

    In Stock

    Doctor Who: The Daleks

    Take a trip through time and space as the Doctor and his companions battle a deadly enemy in this amazing collection of iconic Doctor Who episodes!

    Price: $26.98

    Union Jack Pillow

    In Stock

    Union Jack Pillow

    Created by royal decree in 1606, the Union Jack makes Anglophile hearts beat a little faster around the world.

    Price: $24.98

    Poldark (DVD & Blu-Ray)

    In Stock

    Poldark (DVD & Blu-Ray)

    It's 1783, and Ross Poldark has returned home from the American Revolucionary War to find England in the grip of recession and his beloved Cornwall on its knees.

    Price: $42.98

    British Woodlands Owl Biscuit Barrel

    On Sale!

    British Woodlands Owl Biscuit Barrel

    Use this little fella as a small biscuit barrel or keep him near your kettle for your teabags or sugar.

    Price: $25.49

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    BBC CANADA features a broad range of programming including cheeky comedies, critically acclaimed dramas and entertaining life and style series that are both adventurous and wickedly entertaining. With exclusive access to many programs never before seen in Canada, BBC CANADA offers a unique combination of classic favourites and new, cutting-edge programming.

    Tel: 1-866-447-8353

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